BDJ Box Beauty Social: Camp Gorgeous on September 14, 2014!

Save the date for the second BDJ Box Beauty Social for 2014! Celebrate your most gorgeous self together with BDJ Box’s premium skin care, makeup and hair care brands! BDJ Box Beauty Social will happen at the Skydome at SM North EDSA on September 14, 2014.

BDJ Box is a beauty product discovery subscription service for women. Brought to you by the makers of the Belle de Jour Power Planner, BDJ Box aims to help every Filipina unbox her own beauty. For Php580 a month, subscribers receive a mass-customized beauty box with at least 5-6 of the best beauty products delivered to their doorstep.

This September, they’re holding another Beauty-Filled event, celebrating your most gorgeous self with the top and premium skin care, makeup and hair care brands under one roof for you to enjoy the whole day.  Their lineup of beauty brands will definitely excite everyone who goes to the BDJ Box Beauty Social!

To pre-register for any of the talks, simply email the following:

Subject: BDJ Box Beauty Social Registration
Mobile Number:
Your answer to the question: “What’s the one beauty move you’d like to learn?”
Top 3 choices for talks

The event is open to everyone but only pre-registered girls will be allowed to participate in the talks, get a loot bag, and have their picture taken at the photo booth.  Slots will be given on a first come, first served basis.

For more details check our Facebook Page:
To get your very own BDJ Box, visit our website:
Time to enter Camp Gorgeous! See you at the BDJ Box Beauty Social


[Post crossing] Germany Haul


Hey lovelies! I am sharing the lot I received from my German friend. These are hair products, skin care, cosmetics and make up.  I am so in love with everything and I am always excited to try products that can’t be found in my local store. It is great to have friends all over the world especially when you exchange goodies.

Here are the brands I received:

  • Balea shampoo and conditioner
  • Sun Dance sunblock
  • Alverde concealer and foundation
  • Neu eye cream
  • Catrice BB cream, blush tint, lipstick
  • P2 lipsticks
  • Essence eye brow kit
  • Assorted brands of intensive hair repair masks

I will make a separate post about these goodies, so wait for my review. How about you lovelies? Do you have friends around the world? Comment and share your thoughts about trying products from other countries.

P.S. I have asked helped from my friend translating the terms in English and also thanks to Google translator 😉

[Review] Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Nose Pack


Ever since highscool, I have beed addicted to pore strips. I have black/white heads on my nose, and this is way cheaper than having regular facial treatments. Using pore strips is definitely included on my weekly check list.

Today loves, I am reviewing a brand that is becoming popular in the Philippines. Innisfree 😉

BRAND BACKGROUND: Innisfree is a South Korean skin care line which originates from the words: innis(island) + free. It is a naturalism-oriented brand that promises the use of only the purest ingredients and eco-friendly packaging.

PRODUCT NAME: Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Nose Pack

DESCRIPTION: This Jeju volcanic scoria nose pack intensively adsorbs the deeply embedded black heads and clarifies skin pores.

PRICE: 1 box consist of 6 pore strips is PHP160 (KRW3500/USD3.5)

1. After cleansing, apply adequate water onto nose and peel off the transparent film of the sheet and then adhere the smooth surface side to the middle of the nose and gently press, making it attach to nose.
2. After 10~15 minutes, when the sheet becomes completely dry, gently peel off starting from the edge.
3. After removing the sheet refine the nose area with toner.

USAGE: Use 1~2 times per week. This product can also be used for forehead, nose and chin area.

The box I bought has Korean and no English direction. I removed the white film and it’s not sticking, so I asked Google for help. Luckily, I found an English direction 🙂 Continuing with the use, the strip is easy to apply on wet surface. I only use this on my nose, but again you can also stick it on chin, forehead or wherever you need it. lol! The dry Innisfree nose pack is odourless, though after applying on wet skin, I noticed a strong, herby smell. It might be a little off for some, but I can bear it and the smell actually add to the organic effect, which is what the brand aims. It only took a few minutes to dry, yet I waited until around 10 minutes as per direction. After 10 minutes, I pulled it off my nose, and hell, it felt like it strip a layer of my skin. It kinda hurt a bit, but when I saw the used nose pack I was impressed. It did what it promised, and removed a lot of white heads and black heads. I would want to post a photo, but that’s so gross. My nose felt smoother and I can visually see that it is cleaner. I can’t say it is 100% free of black/white heads, maybe around 90% though.

Easy to apply

Strong odour
No English direction on packaging (I’m not sure if it applies to all)
No physical store in Philippines

REPURCHASE: Definitely, and will try other Innisfree products soon.

So there goes my review of Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Nose Pack. Have any of you tried this or other Innisfree cosmetics? Comment and share your experience, lovelies 🙂

Author’s Note: I am not in any way affiliated with Innisfree. The review is created by my own free will, items bought with my own money and is not a paid post.

Krispy Kreme Anniversary Promo

10464177_827879437225218_7737000461394667846_n If you are a fan, like me 🙂 You’d be happy, because Krispy Kreme Philippines is having a today-only offering (July 14, 2014). In celebration of the company’s 77th birthday, customer’s can avail half a dozen Original Glazed doughnuts for only PHP77 (USD1.77), original price is PHP192 (USD4.40). Mechanics are posted in the photo or you can go visit the corresponding social media websites below:

Facebook account: Instagram: Twitter:

Be mindful, not all stores offer this promotion. The list of unpartipating stores are as follows: NAIA Terminal 3, SM MOA Arena and the kiosks SM Marilao, SM Taytay, SM Marikina, BF Resorts, SM BF, The Block, Harbour Point in Subic, Sta Lucia, Robinson’s Place Forum, SM Sucat, SM Annex Fairvew and BHS Cinema.

You can also check the nearest outlet in your area here:

What are you waiting for? Run to the nearest store now!

Author’s Note: I am not in any way affiliated with Krispy Kreme Philippines. The blog post is made by my own free will and is not a paid post.

Chili’s Crispy Chicken Tacos Review

Chili's Crispy Chicken Tacos

Tortilla with crispy chicken, smoked bacon, tomatoes, cheese, lettuce, honey-chipotle drizzle and ranch dressing. Served with cilantro rice and black beans.

I’ve been in love with Chili’s for years, but it’s my first take on their Crispy Tacos. It is a main course, and can be seen under the Southwest Grill: Quezadilla, Tacos and Facitas Menu Section. According to the menu, it is a new offering of Chili’s restaurant.

So here goes my review: There are 4 regular mouthwatering tortillas. The chicken is really crispy and it didn’t sag even if it’s drizzled with sauce. The honey-chipotle drizzle has a sweet-tangy taste to it, and it really compliments the chicken. I didn’t really use the ranch dressing, because it is a bit salty for me. In my opinion, the tacos can do without the dressing.

I paid PHP410 ($9.50) for the whole platter, and it is very affordable and fair. Four persons can actually share which is one taco per person, but I doubt one taco is enough. It is awesomely delicious and good for two-person sharing.

I don’t have any rants, but eeerr cilantro rice really? Should I put in the rice in the tacos and make it a burrito? LOL

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5

Have you tried this menu? Share your thoughts by commenting below.


PurMinerals Overhaul


Cosmetics Overhaul! Am I too proud of the price? Nah! These items original price worth around $92 (PHP4,000) are on 70% off. Yes, you heard it right, I got everything: primer, cc cream, exfoliator & slanted brush for only $32 (PHP1386)!!!

The salesperson told me that Rustans will stop selling PurMinerals brand, hence the super mark down sale. The brand is not so famous in the Philippines, yet these are real mineral cosmetics made for normal to sensitive skin. I even had the chance to test these first before buying and I will not buy if they aren’t good enough.

Grab yours now at Rustan’s in Alabang Town Center mall. Only a few items left. There are a lot of eye shadows, but I’m not into it. Sadly, the eye brow kit and lippies were all gone. Will write a blog review of PurMinerals cosmetics and skincare soon.