[Post crossing] Germany Haul


Hey lovelies! I am sharing the lot I received from my German friend. These are hair products, skin care, cosmetics and make up.  I am so in love with everything and I am always excited to try products that can’t be found in my local store. It is great to have friends all over the world especially when you exchange goodies.

Here are the brands I received:

  • Balea shampoo and conditioner
  • Sun Dance sunblock
  • Alverde concealer and foundation
  • Neu eye cream
  • Catrice BB cream, blush tint, lipstick
  • P2 lipsticks
  • Essence eye brow kit
  • Assorted brands of intensive hair repair masks

I will make a separate post about these goodies, so wait for my review. How about you lovelies? Do you have friends around the world? Comment and share your thoughts about trying products from other countries.

P.S. I have asked helped from my friend translating the terms in English and also thanks to Google translator 😉


PurMinerals Overhaul


Cosmetics Overhaul! Am I too proud of the price? Nah! These items original price worth around $92 (PHP4,000) are on 70% off. Yes, you heard it right, I got everything: primer, cc cream, exfoliator & slanted brush for only $32 (PHP1386)!!!

The salesperson told me that Rustans will stop selling PurMinerals brand, hence the super mark down sale. The brand is not so famous in the Philippines, yet these are real mineral cosmetics made for normal to sensitive skin. I even had the chance to test these first before buying and I will not buy if they aren’t good enough.

Grab yours now at Rustan’s in Alabang Town Center mall. Only a few items left. There are a lot of eye shadows, but I’m not into it. Sadly, the eye brow kit and lippies were all gone. Will write a blog review of PurMinerals cosmetics and skincare soon.